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I have always been a big fan of dank vapes . but the fake carts made me not wanna get one again . ordered atf dank vapes from this vape store and i must say am impressed with the high THC level and got high in under a minute.

Smith / Verified buyer

Your dank vapes are very good . I have not really tasted one so good in a very long time now . Am happy i finally got my wish from Omega Dank vape store who have been providing me with to quality vape oil. All my friends now love me.

Simps300 / Verified Buyer

Excellent work! My local store closed a few months ago, and I’ve been missing their service and products ever since. I had been using another website since then, but the shipping and response time were extremely slow, so I decided to try megatankstore. I’m hooked here: the juice, the shipping…

Charles / Verified buyer