About US - Dank vape store

Dank Vape Store started 4 years ago to provide the population of Colorado and the whole USA at large Quality THC vape cartridges . We were the first to point out that an industry with little or no regulation was bound to be in jeopardy . We are Dank Vape Store offer our customers only the best dank vapes that have been well lab tested and marked safe for consumption . The boom of vape cartridges in 2018-2019 saw the rise of fake cartridges here and there as cartridges were manufactured in china and shipped to the USA and filled with what ever oil was available . This caused a lot lung illness and saw some regulation put in place by the FDA .

Fast & Secure Shipping

You buy dank carts online from us we ship discretely and very fast using 420 mail order service delivery . ALL your data is encrypted and processed then deleted when a transaction is complete with no data exposed.

Why the shift towards THC Dank Cartridges

With THC levels of 92% this is a good cartridge for any one who want to get high fast and avoid the smoke and discomfort caused by smoking moreover THC dank carts are very portable.